FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where? ·catch app· results are the ones that can be found on Google. If the place is not registered on Goggle or you are searching the place by the wrong name, Where? ·catch app· is not able to find it.

This pop-up reminds you that one or more participants of the group do not have an address saved o your phone, therefore Where? ·catch app· is not able to locate them. You can now add the address on the list of contacts.

The telephone number has to include the international code (after the +) and has to be without spaces between the numbers.

Where? ·catch app· refreshes the positions every 10 minutes. Check again after a couple of minute; you will be located correctly.

Where? ·catch app· needs the addresses as the car needs the fuel! If you haven’t put them in the list yet, you can put them in the pop-up while selecting the participants.

Do not forget that the addresses put in Where? ·catch app· are not synchronized in your contact list.

The list Where? ·catch app· displays through Android is the result of all accounts connected to each contact, therefore you might have multiple contacts.

You can use Where? ·catch app· by simply putting in your telephone number on the first screen.

You will then be able to create your group with the participants you wish to invite to the event. Where? ·catch app· will load you phone list so that you can choose the participants to the event. For every participant you can select starting point address internet.

Where? ·catch app· gives you the opportunity to choose among 4 options: address 1, address 2, geolocation if the participants has previously downloaded Where? ·catch app, and a free address.

You can select the way participants will move.

Click on “find the midpoint”, search for what you wish to do and then share your choice with the other participants.



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